Thursday, July 14, 2011

Inquiring Minds

 For all of you who are wondering, here is what a gho looks like on a "chilip" (foreigner). It's airy and breezy from below like I imagine a skirt must be. This one is a luxury model made of silk and meant for special occasions. And before someone asks, it is not worn with the same undergarments as its Scottish counterpart.

 It is quite the challenge to put on. It starts out resembling a large, unruly gunny sack with sleeves. The white cuffs are decorative pieces pinned into place and folded back on themselves. One folds the right side underneath the left and aligns the seams. Holding it in place with the left hand, the right then somehow simultaneously hikes the thing up to knee level while creating perfect pleats in the back, one fold over each cheek. The excess is gathered into a pouch in front supported by a tightly placed belt. Everything is folded down neatly, covering the belt and a single tie holds the chest flap closed. The pouch in front is used as a large pocket to hold wallets, cell phones and snacks.

 I've watched others don this outfit and it resembles an acrobatic version of some sort of modern swan dance combined with Batman theatrics. I imagine women would understand better how this works because they can do things with clothing that defy the fundamental laws of Newtonian physics and basic mechanical principles. It took two other men to dress me that day. I don't remember the last time I was dressed by a man but I believe it was at Macy's in San Francisco when I needed some formal wear in a hurry. And I'm not convinced he was really a man. Before that it must have been my father prior to my 4th birthday.

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mkurvater said...

Hi Daddy,

its Marlena
I miss you bunches.
i love the pictures you are taking.

I Love You!!!!