Thursday, July 28, 2011

For Julie

Women in Bhutan wear something known as a kira. It is simply a rectangular piece of fabric which gets wrapped 2.5 times around the waist in such a way that the final seam meets alongside the right thigh. It is held in place by a woven belt wrapped snugly thrice around the waist. Over the top is worn a tego, a short coat.

The fabrics give the outfits their dramatic look. Colors are usually brilliant and the woven patterns can be plain or ornate. They are often made of cotton, some fancy once of silk or wool.

The above description is actually for a half kira. The original, full version is similar, just cut longer and is donned in a similar fashion, the difference being that the front and back are joined with fancy broaches over each shoulder.

They are set such that the bottom hem essentially skims the ground and women are often times seen holding them up with one hand to avoid soiling them. Why not just secure them a little higher? Only a man would ask such a silly question.

Each school has its own outfit which all students are required to wear. The same fabric for both boys and girls. Boys wearing a gho, and girls in matching kira and tego.

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